The relationship between religious cleverness and characteristics among Jordanian school people

The relationship between religious cleverness and characteristics among Jordanian school people

The relationship between religious cleverness and characteristics among Jordanian school people

Emmons represent religious cleverness due to the fact transformative usage of religious investigation so you’re able to facilitate every single day troubleshooting

Ahmad M Mahasneh, 1 Nizar A Shammout, 1 Ziad Yards Alkhazaleh, 1 Ahmed F Al-Alwan, step 1 Jawhara D Abu-Eita 2 step 1 Agency out of Educational Mindset, Professors off Studies Sciences, Hashemite School, Zarqa, Jordan; 2 Department out-of Curricula, Princess Alia School, Al-Balaqa Applied College, Amman, Jordan

Abstract: This study are intended for distinguishing the degree of religious cleverness and its relationship with personality traits among a small grouping of Jordanian undergraduate students. An excellent purposive decide to try of 716 female and male college students are selected regarding different qualities at Hashemite College. Several forms towards the religious cleverness and you will character traits have been shared with members of the latest test from inside the educational season 20132014. Results depicted a media amount of spiritual cleverness for the pupils, and you may expressed an optimistic and mathematically high matchmaking ranging from spiritual intelligence size (crucial existential considering, private definition development, transcendental sense, and you will mindful state expansion) and you can character traits (neuroticism, extraversion, visibility to play, agreeableness, and you can conscientiousness), but no extreme correlation ranging from personal meaning design and you will transcendental sense dimensions and you may neuroticism personality traits. From the white of the outcome of this study, of a lot guidance was indeed authored by the latest experts.

Ultimately, regression study overall performance signify important existential thought is the very first predictor measurement regarding religious intelligence in terms of neuroticism, extraversion, openness to play, agreeableness, and conscientiousness

The idea of intelligence came up in body type off old beliefs features remained a subject out-of uniform attract so you can philosophers and editors regarding the many years to the current big date. Latest age, not, have witnessed an extension from the frame out-of mention of cover contemporary research studies when you look at the sciences off biology and you may physiology, eg anorexia and you can bulimia nervosa physiology, genetics, and finally the realm of the new humanities.

The term and concept of religious cleverness emerged because of this off partnering cleverness that have spirituality. 1–5 Whenever you are taking the fresh new resemblance and combination anywhere between religion and you will spirituality, there is also contract on its dissimilarity and you can variation, faith focusing on the newest sacred while spirituality is the experiential elements of meaning, eminence, and brilliance. 6

Boffins esteem religious intelligence as the most tall form of intelligence for the capacity to influence improvement in anybody, societies, and Tinder vs Match reddit you may cultures. Hence, improving spiritual intelligence helps someone towards the following a positive frame-of-mind and you may inside achieving interior tranquility. Which modification for the thinking improves notice-motivation and manage together with assisting to slow down the higher stress levels aren’t induced from the hectic pace of contemporary existence. eight

Mayer claims that folks in order to get spiritual feeling if the following try achieved: 1) becoming adjusted toward holistic harmony around the globe and you will surpassing self-limitation; 2) being aware of high airplanes and you can says of religious envision and you may contemplation; 3) knowing the fresh religious dimension away from daily activities, events, and you can matchmaking; 4) strengthening feeling, and therefore provided every single day problems in the context of best life parameters; and 5) desperate to raise or intensify the brand new care about, for that reason practicing forgiveness, expressing enjoy and you may gratitude, and you may exercising humility and you can empathy. 8

1 Zohar and you can Marshal choose spiritual cleverness just like the a third type of away from cleverness you to expands the latest make regarding conclusion. It’s very the fresh intelligence by whose conditions our work and you may complete road out-of existence try examined when comparing to other people. It will be the ft we want to ensure that the intellectual and mental intelligence to work effectively. 5 Queen talks of it the group out-of rational/mental potential that are depending adaptation, nonmaterialistic concept, and far-from-facts factors. 9 Vaughan talks of spiritual intelligence as need for the individual’s internal rational lives, spirits, and you will relation to the current presence of lives, therefore implying the experience for strong comprehension of issues pertaining to lifestyle and the said of several amounts of feelings. cuatro Nasel describes it as the ability to distinguish, seek meaning, and resolve religious factors, ten while Amram and you may Dryer find it because capacity to implement and use the newest religious features and you will potential and that improve the lives possibilities and intellectual passion. At exactly the same time, 11 Wigglesworth sees it acting intelligently and you can mercifully while keeping each other inner comfort and external calm no matter what prevailing activities. twelve

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