HPCC Report For Week 4

HPCC Report For Week 4

Present my first presentation in my group on Wednesday.  It describes the purpose of this project, how to locate the pattern from Telematics data, the goal since the beginning of this month, the detail content in Telematics Data.

Combined with the suggestion of Arjuna, Dam, and Lili, the simulation process will contain the following steps:

  1. Split the Telematics data per trip. Combining rows of data in each trip to a single JSON file
  2. Based on the timestamp(the simulate speed will be much faster the actual speed) on the dataset, the Telematics system will send the real-time data to Kafka streaming by JSON type
  3. ECL program at HPCC system will parse and analyze the received Kafka streaming
  4. If the message meets the threshold of hard brake or hard acceleration, It will create an alert message in a new dataset. Later, it may use in the alert box at the interface of Telematics system, SMS(Short Message) Warning or Email Notification
  5. If one trip has been finished, the ECL program will generate a record to store the key attribute of this trip, such as total hard acceleration, total hard brake, maximum speed and etc.



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