HPCC Report For Week 6

HPCC Report For Week 6

In this week, the preliminary demo has been finished.

There are two technique issues I meet.

  1. Could not connect from HPCC server to Kafka Server on the internal network by SSH
    • I convert the source key to pem, ppk, or id_rsa file type, but that doesn’t work. Maybe you can try file name without any type.
  2. Kafka and zookeeper service doesn’t work on Kafka server
    • Check the free disk space on the server, if the number is zero, please delete some unused file on it.

Sometimes, a small problem will block you for hours. But keep in mind, if you could not solve it now, go out for a while and have a cup of tea. When you come back, there may be a new solution to the problem!!!


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